Chapter 7

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“Foul demon” quoth Oother as he shouted at the EVil Dome Cloud of Doom. “I’m gonna give yo ass two options. One, you get tha fuck ottu here! Two, I go all medeeval on yo ass!”

An evil laugh came. Oother was not afried.

“You cannot face me, foul demon! There are to many Oothers for you to face”

The evil laugh came again. Then an evil vice came.

“If one person dies it is trajudy. If a million dies…”

The cloud burst open and out came a bunch of evul laser harpes with pasma sords.


Starlin smiled with evil from behind the clod, litning surrounding him. Oother lookd to his side and saw other Oothers valiantly shotgunning herpes. He herd ther evil scream as Oother from a year ahed chansawed ther neck and Oother fom next month snappd ther spines with his bear hands!

Oother saw General Starlin laughin in a other worldy voice. He was a foul demon!

“Foul demon!” he shouted. “Stop hiding like a pussy! Man tha FUCK up and get tha FUCK out her to take it like a man!”

Starlin just carred on his evil laugh.

The harpes were LOADS of them an Oother new he had to get towards Starlin but he cudnt cos they kept repsawning and there were more of them than therewere Oothers. Every time he walkd up another would spawn. Starlin was such a foul fucking demon!

“Give up, Oother!” said the evil voice of General Starlin. “Use your magick! Only magick can destroy herpes!”

“Shut tha fuck up foul demon” Oother lolled.


“Your not Papatine you cunt” Oother shouted. “I wil NEVER give in.”

But he new Staerlins plan was to force him to us magick and giv in. But no matter how badass he was herpes were too much to get through. He neederd a miracle…


Oother saw a spek in the distance flyong towards him. Then he saw loads of shiny lites in the sky. It took the form of a bunch of space planes. But den the army of planes got close an he could see they wer actually flying robot siborgs!

The leeder flew into the battel an BLASTED a harpy wit a lazer comin from his finger. He pulld up to Oother and showd his face an the two metal spiks attached to his hed.

It was……..


“The Good Pilotist at ur service, sir! My bro Phonix is retired so he sent me instead!”

“Just in time, motherfucker!” Oother replied. “See if you can hold off the herpes, soldier.”

“Yes sir! I’m fine!” Polo replied. He flew up and comanderd his army.

“RAAAARGH! HERE COMES JUSTICE!” He charged into battle with his army beind him. He then opend his lungs and blasted out a moltun blast wich murked some herpes. “Say hello to my CORDS OF STEEL!”

“The Good Strategyist has traned you well!” Oother compemented. “Jus hold em off wile I face this motherfucker… ALONE!”

And he walked towards the cloud of herpes.


Beneeth the battle Max Smith could see how bad shit was. The big cloud of herpes was EVIL. He cud see the power at wqork.

“Oother dosnt stand a CHANCE!” Max Smith said. “Such powerful magick cannot be pwned by a non-user, no matter how badasas!”

“I’ll almost be sad to see him go, bawss” said Hans.

“Hes bettar than Skarang, at least” agreed Suelue.

“Foolish human” Max Smith sed sadly. “He’s going to die.”



The Evil Doom Cloud of Doom was evil and dark. Oother was now at tis centre.

“Oother!” said the evli voice. “We meet agen at last!” Oother lookd at the loomin shadow figar of General Starlin with its glowing yello evil eyes and he knew the only person it cud be.

“Merlin!” he said stowicly. “So we fuckmothering do.”