Chapter 1

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The Final Battle of Oother

PC Andy was NOT havin a good day. He dint hav a girlfriend, his home in Cardif had been destroyd by magick and he was getting sick of the apocolips. And here he was in the sky havin to gard an evil doom fortress of doom. He had died, but an evil had revived him to carry out this futial existens. A grate evil known as… magick.

It was the year 2012 and the world werent nice. For the last few years an evul tyrant who everyon depised had turnd it into a massiv wasteland usin the evils of magick. The peepl of theworld were crying and sad and toertured and ther were concentration camps and gulags. Yet through all this evil there wer lejends of one man, fiting agenst this evil, figting for good. He was a man from lejends who had been nown for being a just king and he had returned when he was needed. His name… was Oother.

“Oothers not dat tough. Ive faced him before. Im a vetran like” sed PC Andy to his good frend Rease.

“Im stil scared hes going to cum here” sed Rease. “I herd he once resseled a Rancore to the ground with bare hands andkilld the owner wen he threw a hissy fit. He could kill us!”

“Our master is safe, don’t worry” said PC Andy. He was on a warshipon the edg oif a MASSIV fleet of billions of ships surrounding the Evil Flyind Doom Fortress of Doom wich was flying high abov the city of York. In the hart of the EFDFOD sat Spadang Skaran, the most evil amn in all creaton.

“Spadang Skaran cannot be defeaterd. This fortress is NOT PENETRATIVE.”

“Lovely” said Rease, happy that he was safe.

“Besides iF the roomers about Oother are true, he has dumpd all his frends” sed PC Andy. “No man can defeet the Goon Army on his oan, even this fellow.”

No-one had herd anything of Oother in months. He had dumpd his mates then vanishd, and PC Andy chuckled knowing that the one hope had given up. It was a dark time for earth but a good time for goons.

“OMFG!” shouted Rease. “LOOKATTHAT!”

In the distance was a speck flyin through the air. It got biggar and soon they saw the face of awesome, the leather jackat, the two oozies, the crown. Oother was flying towards them with the cape from Super Mario World. HE had returned to kill magick!

“HA! Look at that ih-dee-ot! Tryin to take us on on his own! LOL WHAT A PRANNET! We will maintain world domination!”

Him and Rease gloated at the fool, but JUST THEN HE HERD A VOICE FROM BEHIND!

“Want to repeat dat, motherfucker?”

Rease was lying in a pool of blud with a nife stickin into him and standing over him was… OOTHER!

“But that’s impoooooosible!!!!” squeled PC Andy. But he felt his hed getting KICKED from the other side! Two Oothers were standing over him and he could see in the distance… ANOTHER OOTHER FLYING! AND ANOTHER! AND ANOTHER!

“Think I’m a badass motherfucker on mah own? WELL SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FUCKMOTHERING FRENDS!”

PC Andy once agen felt a shotgun barrel to his face. “BUT HOW?!”

Oother laughed. “GET A TARDIS, FOOL!”